General introduction (23/03/2017)

Petrovietnam Senior Oil and Gas Service Joint Stock Company (PVCR) is one of the member companies of Vietnam's largest economic group - Vietnam National Oil and Gas Group. And Petrovietnam Premier Oil and Gas Services Joint Stock Company (PVCR) is a member company of PetroVietnam Construction Joint Stock Corporation - Petrovietnam Construction and Installation Corporation International management and technology in the field of oil and gas construction and civil engineering large scale.
Petrovietnam Senior Oil and Gas Service Joint Stock Company (PVCR) was established and started operation in November 2006 to undertake real estate investment and business, This is the indispensable and necessary trend to contribute to the diversification of the business form of the Group in general and PetroVietnam Construction Joint Stock Corporation in particular. . At the same time, the financial capacity, specialized capacity, business skills and management skills must be promoted as well as to build a team of professional managers and administrators with high professional skills. Gold and contribute to the cause of building a strong corporation as well as the National Petroleum Institute of Vietnam into a multi-business economic and sustainable development as well as contribute to promote the modern Home chemistry
Currently, real estate investment, golf course, sport services, entertainment, tourism, high-class convalescence ... is one of the areas that bring about high economic efficiency, contribute to bring Again the sustainable development of each business as well as the growth of the country in general. In order to meet the trend of integration of the country as well as the development trend of Petrovietnam Construction Joint Stock Corporation, Petrovietnam Premier Joint Stock Company does not cease to strive Continuing to expand the scope of business activities to soon become one of the leading service companies in Vietnam.
History begin:
Petrovietnam Senior Oil and Gas Services Joint Stock Company was established on November 17, 2006 with an initial chartered capital of VND300 billion, and the result of charter capital increase on February 28, 2011 was 531 billions dong. The six strategic shareholders are PetroVietnam Construction Joint Stock Corporation, major domestic companies and commercial banks. PVCR's shareholder structure up to the time after capital injection:
+ PetroVietnam Construction Joint Stock Corporation: 29.2%
+ PetroVietnam Insurance Joint Stock Corporation: 8.19%
+ International System Investment & Trading Company: 5.46% + Global Petroleum Commercial Joint Stock Bank: 8.19%
+ PetroVietnam Technical Services Corporation: 4.36%
+ Ocean Joint Stock Commercial Bank: 22.6%
+ Other shareholders: 22%
With strong financial strength, long-term business experience of major shareholders is a prerequisite for PVCR to develop strongly in the future.