Tu Liem (HN): real estate has not covered the whole (19/12/2013)

Districts of the regional real estate market become more exciting than ever. Recognizing the fact that transactions in the area are still very cautious. My Dinh, Me Tri is still the "hot zone" of the region with the highest floor price, other areas almost no mutation.

Phu Do Village - Me Tri was a "hot spot" in the Tu Liem area.

With the high urbanization rate, there are many advantages of location, Phu Do village - Me Tri was one of the "hot spots" in the real estate market. Here residential land has been hounded by many investors. Around in the alleyway can see the spotted sea for sale homes, land.

Pointing to the land in Phu Do is on sale, Nguyen Van Manh said, the land area of ​​40m2 he had sold for 42 million / m2 but no one asked to buy. So far he sold for 38 million / m2.

Asked if he knew about Tu Liem's ​​situation in the district, many people were looking forward to this opportunity to raise the price of land, Manh said. "There are people here who do not know this place. Selling up to nearly 3 years now but still not sold. Several years ago, the land price is nowhere to fall, then I do not have speculators, so only reasonable price to sell.

In Phu My - My Dinh village, residential land still has transactions though not much. The price level here ranges from 35 - 60 million / m2. As noted by PV, this price level is also not much mutation before information Tu Liem is split into 2 districts.

Looking to the real estate trading floor in the area, recording the situation here there is no "wave". Mr. Kiet - a member of the trading floor, said that after Tu Liem information to the trading district here is the momentum to move up but mainly to the goods, push goods. "At the floor we have in the past many people have passed to sell the house but the number of customers asked is still cautious. Most of them asked for information."

People are still indifferent

Leaving the "hot zone" through the Nhue River alongside the 70th road from Tay Tuu to Cham, this area still has high rates of agricultural land and the urbanization process has not been strong. The housing market here is not much fluctuations. There are also signs posted selling real estate but when asked to buy, people are still hesitant.

Ms. Thang (Tay Tuu) is in need of selling land or, her family needs to sell land at the price of 25 million / m2. "But because it is not enough money and then there is information about Tu Liem district so we do not want to sell at this time. Stable sell for sure. Land has a red book to add a time is not where to go.

Information to Tu Liem district is not enough to create a "wave" for the region's land market.

Meanwhile, residential land in the villages of Thuy Phuong, Co Nhue, Xuan Phuong, ... fluctuate around 25-35 million m2. Phu Phat area is about 35-43 million m2.

Information on some exchanges in Co Nhue area, Phu Dien said, transactions in the area this time is not much. Previously traded here was quite faltering.

Tran Huu Tho, director of Minh Hung trading floor, said that Tu Liem's ​​access to the district could affect some areas, but in the area along the Nhue River or the road 70 has almost no impact. Even the people here are still quite indifferent. Information from Tu Liem district is not enough to create a "wave" for the housing market of the region but in the future with policies to create new look for the hope hope can create momentum for the market has a new rebound - Mr. Tho said.